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8 Healthy Shots to Alkalize your body

Acidity in the body has been linked to pain, excess weight and many other health issues.

In small amounts, acidic foods like sugar, food additives, meat, rancid oils, trans fats and fried food can be handled by your body’s detoxification systems—the kidneys as well as its mineral reserves. But, over time, acidity can have many damaging effects on the body.

Excessive amounts of acid deplete oxygen, which is needed by every cell in your body to function properly. It damages the mitochondria—the cells’ energy centers—so your cells won’t have enough energy to perform their vital functions properly. If not properly eliminated or neutralized, excessive amounts of acid can even damage brain cells and other cells.

Furthermore, acid can damage tissues, joints, organs and glands, resulting in any number of imbalances or dysfunction. Excessive amounts of acidity need to be eliminated or acid will be stored in tissues and joints, causing damage over time. It depletes alkaline mineral stores in the body, particularly calcium from bones and magnesium from muscles.

Fortunately, making your body more alkaline (the opposite of acidic) is easy. Here are 08 ways to alkalize your body for more energy and vitality:

Here in this video there are some simple ways to remove acidic components from your body.


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