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Ayurvedic Treatment

In this category we provide writs from Expert Yoga & Ayrvedic physician.

8 Simple Yoga Poses That Are Ultimate Solution to Your Back-Pain

Yoga is excellence medicine for all backpain problems

According to statistics, about 40% of people have problems with their backs. It’s much easier to prevent these problems than to treat them afterward, and that’s why trying to do these exercises regularly may help to prevent back pain. We believe that these simple Yoga Poses can be the best remedy for your back-pain problem. POSE 01: Stand …

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“शिलाजीत” सर्दियों का वरदान (“Shilajeet” a Blessing in Winter)

Shilajeet - is powerful herb for mankind

आयुर्वेद सदियों से शिलाजीत के गुनी व प्रयोग को जनता रहा है । सैकड़ो आयुर्वेदीय ग्रन्थ इसकी प्रसंशा से भरे पडे हैं आज की तनाव पूर्ण जीवन शैली ख़राब दिनचर्या असंतुलित व् हानिकारक रसायनयुक्त खानपान, पोषण की कमी, प्रदूषणयुक्त वातावरण आप को बीमार कमजोर व् समय से पहले बूढा बना …

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