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One of very common issues which many new mother encounter with is hair fall post pregnancy. Many women are tensed to find themselves shedding more hair than usual in first few months after giving birth to child.
But this is absolutely normal phenomenon and no need to Panic, you would not go bald. In fact, your hair should be back to normal by 6 to 12 months.

What Causes?
Normally about 80% to 90% of hair is in growing phase and other 10-20% hair is in resting phase. After the resting phase this hair falls out often while you are combing, brushing or shampooing and is replaces by new growth.

Sheds about 50-100 hair per day during pregnancy the high level of estrogen prolong the growing phase, there are fewer hair in resting phase fewer fallen out each day so you have thicker, more, luxuriant hair.
After delivery, your estrogen level falls down rapidly and a lot of hair follicle enters in resting phase and then a lot of hair follicle stop growth and soon more hair sheds in shower or on brush or comb. This usual hair fall will topper off and your hair will be back to its normal or pre-pregnancy condition in about 6-12 month after delivery. By the way not all women notice dramatic changes in their hair during pregnancy or the postpartum period.

You can’t stop hair fall, but you can change your hair products and hair style to give your hair a fuller look during this transition period. Avoid tight hair style, A little you can do about hair fall other than to be patient. The shedding tends to be most noticeable when you are shampooing or brushing your hair dry naturally instead of brushing and blowing dry helps you slow the hair loss. Be Gentle with your hair while brushing.

On Other hand, you may Notice the fine body hair growing along your hairline at the top of your forehead. Once the shedding phase has end after six month.
If the hair loss does not stop after 6 month or more after delivery check with your health provider. It may be sign of your low iron calcium or protein which is not uncommon for new mothers.

Find right hair product according to your hair type, look for products labeled “Volumizing Shampoo” avoid conditioning shampoo, avoid intensive conditioners try to find conditioner designed for fine hair. Products contain Biotin or Silica may help well.

  • Avoid Stress: If you are in stress it may increase hair loss, stress may cause your hair follicle to go in resting phase, resulting in thinner hair coverage.
  • Try a new Haircut which give you a fuller look longer hairstyle can make hair loss more visible or noticeable so avoid longer hair style.
  • Improve Your Diet: Your diet can have an effect on body as well as on your hair. By adding certain food in your diet can help you to have healthy hair.
  • PROTIEN: Improve protein in your daily diet because hair are made up of protein by giving enough protein in your diet will help hair strong.
  • IRON: Green Vegetables, pomegranate, beetroot, banana etc. are the rich source of Iron, if you are non-vegetarian than take lean meat for a healthy source of iron.
  • FLAVONOIDS & ANTIOXIDANTS: Vegetables and fruits contain Humanoids & Antioxidants which can help with the maintenance of hair follicles and give extra energy to hair follicle.
    CALCIUM: Milk products, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits on regular intake improves your calcium level which is a very important for hair growth and strength of hair.

Some Common Home Remedies to Control hair loss and Improve Hair Growth:

  1. Apply mixture of curd, amla powder and coconut oil on scalp for ten minutes once in a week.
  2. Avoid coloring and styling tool, one can use Heena for color which is a natural for colour and also a natural conditioner.
  3. Apply paste of fenugreek seed soak in water of scalp.
  4. Gentle massage improves blood circulation of scalp, which improve hair growth and provide nutrition to scalp.
  5. Amla only is powerful tonic which can be added directly to your diet in form of Juice and can boil them with oil till they turn black and afterwards can massage hair.
  6. Biotin is known to be good for hair growth.
  7. Bhringraj- Botanical name (Edipta Alba) is a very good liver tonic as well as Hair growth stimulant and reduce hair fall. You may take as a powder in quantity of 2-3 grams with honey or water twice in a day. You can also make paste of fresh leaves and apply on scalp.
  8. Coconut- it can be used in many forms to prevent hair loss, use of coconut milk on scalp can reduce your hair fall also can burn the hard shell of coconut to ashes preserve these ashes into far and add every time to oil before massaging on your scalp, regular use can check hair fall and can even make them darken shining and full of volume.
  9. Dry Fruits and Flex Seeds: Dry fruits and flex seeds are very good source of vitamin E, A, D and Omega-3 fatty acid. Eating plenty of dry fruits and taking more water also leads to good hair.

So, don’t worry new mothers, No Need to be Panic, have patient by doing some lifestyle modification and using above information you can prevent hair loss and soon you will be in pre-pregnancy stage.
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