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Salam Mishri a Powerful Supplement

Salam Mishri is a flour made from the tubers of the salep orchid genus Orchis species. These tubers contain a nutritious, starchy polysaccharide called glucomannan,   Others name (in Different Languages) are – Salabmishri, Salam-mishri, Orchis laxiflora, Salep Orchid, Orchis latifolia, Allium Macleani.

Salep Orchid General Information:

Salam Mishri is known to restore the body after diseases, stimulate its proper functionality and activity. The range of conditions in which Salep Orchid is applied includes wasting diseases, sexual or nervous debility, impotence, general weakness.

Salam Mishri to Cure Sexual Weakness?

Have you been looking for a supplement that works both as an aphrodisiac and a tonic? Your search has certainly come to an end then. Salam mishri is an herb which is really miracle for low libido, low energy level and general weaknesses.

This is all in one supplement helpful for all kind of sexual and problems. From low sexual desires to an inability to perform in bed, this herb can treat almost every sexual malady you can think of.

This herb, is found in root form of orchid plant which is further taken into powdered form, Salam Mishri is easily assimilated into the body. It offers you instant rejuvenation and with long term use, you will find your energy levels increased drastically.

Even after a long day at work, you would not feel fatigued or ready to drop to your bed. This also means that you can have renewed energy to take up activities that you were too tired for.

Apart from keeping you energized and fresh, this supplement can also help you with your sex life. Its constituent alkaloids strengthen your body and your genitals, helping you get stronger erections that last longer during the sexual act.

Due to increased flow of blood to your pelvic region, you get aroused more easily and perform better in bed.

The powdered herb also provides more nourishment to your genital area, allowing your testicles to produce more sperm – therefore improving potency and increasing overall sperm quality.

If you feel there is no solution to your sexual problems, you haven’t yet tried everything. Try our Salam Mishri powder and witness the results yourself.

Salam Mishri is also used as one of the component for muscle building but that required some other supporting herbs. If you need complete Ayuvedic muscular body building formula you may contact us.

benefits of salam mishri

Important Notes About Salam Mishri:

Salam Mishri is actually the root of a species of orchid, this is Pure Raw Herb in its natural form.  It would be prudent to wash & dry them first before using it. If you wash, please ensure that it is completely dried and no moisture is left or else it may be susceptible to fungy.

When you are buying this herb from a shop you must choose one of the reliable sources, or it is advisable to take it into its natural form and not in powder form. Powder form can be contaminated so it is better to purchase in its natural form and then make powder of it at home.

To help you understand the genuine Salam Mishri we have given the image of the same with this article. Generally, it is hard to break with hands, you need to use strong Okhli to convert it into powder form to consume.

The general shelf life of a herb is one year and more; however, we advise to consume / use it within six months of purchase. Please store the herb in dry and clean air tight glass or steel container. The raw herb can be used for decoration purpose or making powder of it for consumption.

Salam Mishri is also used as one of the component for muscle building but that required some other supporting herbs. If you need complete Ayuvedic muscular body building formula you may contact us.


The herb is not to be used by pregnant women and children without specific prior advice of a health expert. We recommend that you consult your physician or family doctor, before you start with any herb as that may be more useful.


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